Hidden Handel

As a body of work that defines a brilliant composer, the oratorios of Handel rank with the symphonies of Beethoven, the operas of Verdi, and the cantatas of Bach. These are masterpieces that encompass the full range of their creator’s vivid imagination and understanding of human nature.

The Los Angeles Master Chorale partners with today’s most imaginative theatrical directors and artists to present five unique concert experiences that heighten the drama, reveal the music in interesting ways, and completely immerse the audience within these epic, yet rarely performed masterworks.

Alexander’s Feast (2016)
DIRECTOR: Trevore Ross

Alexander the Great hosted a banquet where the musician Timotheus played his lyre – and by the sheer power of music aroused various moods within Alexander, ultimately inciting him to burn down the captured city of Persepolis in vengeance for his lost soldiers.

Israel in Egypt (2018)
VISUAL ARTIST: Kevork Mourad

Before Moses parted the Red Sea, Egypt was punished with epic plagues. The Nile turned into a river of blood while frogs, flies and locusts descended upon the land, convincing the Pharaoh to release the Israelites in the Bible’s most heroic story ever told.

Saul (TBD)
The first king of Israel had it all: good looks, an impressive stature, and an entire kingdom at his command. But when Saul disobeyed the Almighty, God’s favor shifted to his successor and son-in-law, David, throwing Saul into a jealous rage that ultimately led to his own demise.

Theodora (TBD)
Hiding their love was hard enough, but cloaking their Christianity in 4th century pagan Rome proved even more difficult as Theodora and Didymus defied the Emperor’s decree and ultimately followed their faith into immortality.

Samson (TBD)
Having just been betrayed by Delilah, Samson suffers in prison after being blinded and shorn when the source of his super human strength begins to grow back – his Nazirite hair – allowing him to collapse the Philistine temple on himself and his captors in righteousness.



The Story of Alexander's Feast

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