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Alexander's Feast

April 16, 2016, 02:00 PM
Grant Gershon, Conductor
Walt Disney Concert Hall
Alexander's Feast George Frideric Handel
Trevore Ross , Stage Director
Christina Bristow , Soprano
Claire Fedoruk , Soprano
Elissa Johnston , Soprano
Beth Peregrine , Soprano
Anna Schubert , Soprano
Adriana Manfredi , Mezzo Soprano
Nike St. Clair , Mezzo Soprano
Jon Lee Keenan , Tenor
Michael Lichtenauer , Tenor
Arnold Livingston Geis , Tenor
Todd Strange , Tenor
David Castillo , Baritone
Reid Bruton , Bass
Steve Pence , Bass/Baritone
Azra King-Abadi , Lighting Design
Namhee Han , Organ
JoAnn Turovsky , Harp

Track Name Listen
Overture 20160416-01.mp3
Happy, happy, happy pair! 20160416-02.mp3
Concerto for Harp 20160416-03.mp3
The song began from Jove 20160416-04.mp3
The list'ning crowd 20160416-05.mp3
With ravish'd ears the monarch hears 20160416-06.mp3
Bacchus, ever fair and young 20160416-07.mp3
He chose a mournful muse 20160416-08.mp3
He sung Darius, great and good 20160416-09.mp3
Behold Darius great and good 20160416-10.mp3
Softly sweet in Lydian measures 20160416-11.mp3
War, he sung, is toil and trouble 20160416-12.mp3
The many rend the skies 20160416-13.mp3
The Prince, unable to conceal his pain 20160416-14.mp3
Now strike the golden lyre again! 20160416-15.mp3
Revenge, Timotheus cries 20160416-16.mp3
Give the vengeance due to the valiant crew 20160416-17.mp3
The princes applaud with a furios joy 20160416-18.mp3
Thais led the way 20160416-19.mp3
Thus, long ago, ere heaving Bellows learn'd to blow 20160416-20.mp3
Let's imitate her notes above 20160416-21.mp3
Let old Timotheus yield the prize 20160416-22.mp3
Concerto for Organ 20160416-23.mp3
Your voices tune 20160416-24.mp3
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