Kisun Lee

Guest Conductor

Kisun Lee

Lee Kisun is a well-known conductor that thoroughly expresses each composers’ intention and the depth of music. Lee majored in choral conducting achieving both a bachelor's and master's at the Juilliard School of Music, returning to Korea in 1988. Afterward, Lee worked as a professor at Chongsin University and as a music director at the Sungnam Municipal Chorus. Lee then dedicated himself to train junior scholars as well as actively engage in professional chores in Korea, to become a leading example.

Dr. Lee had an interest not only in choral music but also in orchestral music that he conducted a number of domestic and international orchestras. In 2003, he studied abroad at The University of Arizona where he received a doctor's degree in orchestral conducting. After returning, Lee worked as a music director at the Goyang Civic Choir and the Daegu City Choir. In December of 2019, he was appointed as the 10th art director of the Busan Metropolitan Chorus and ascended the Busan Metropolitan Chorus to the summit of culture in Korea.

Dr. Lee emphasized diffuse performances of new music which he would introduced at least one third of at every performance. Lee not only introduced the essence of choral music through the Modern Music Series but also a different variety of large-scale choral works to audiences such as Williams' Dona Nobis Pacem and W. Walton's Belshazzar's Feast.

Through his long study and experience, Lee obtained an exceptional interpretation of music.