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Cheryl Petersen and her husband, Roger Lustberg.

Jennifer Diener is a prominent supporter of the arts and education in Los Angeles. She sits on the board
of several organizations including the Los Angeles Master Chorale, The Broad Stage, and The Colburn School.

How did you come to be involved with the Los Angeles Master Chorale? 

At first, I went to the extravagant balls the Chorale used to give 30 years ago! But I was going to so many other performances downtown that I couldn’t add one more. I recently decided to start attending the Chorale because I sang in choruses from junior high through college, and I love choral music. I also moved east of the 405 so going downtown at night 3-5 times a week is doable now!   

Thank you for joining our Artistic Director’s Circle.  Why did you decide to make this commitment, and why do you think it is important? 

I have been so impressed with the whole organization: the artistic leaders, the board, the staff, and, of course, the singers themselves. My board exposure has given me an insight into how the Los Angeles Master Chorale thinks and works, and I feel good about investing in it. I know the funds will be carefully and thoughtfully husbanded and used.  

What do you consider to be the most rewarding part of being a supporter of the Master Chorale? 

Having access to the artists and the camaraderie among supporters who all share a love and appreciation for vocal work    

What has been your favorite, most memorable Los Angeles Master Chorale concert?

There have been so few during Covid, but some of the video content during the last year was exceptional— especially TaReKiTa. The Master Chorale is well underway planning for its future. 

What are you most excited about seeing next? 

I am excited about the Chorale’s ability and eagerness to reach further into “other” classical singing traditions to broaden our enjoyment of what many cultures have created, and their commitment to supporting new music. The youthful energy surrounding the Chorale in their work with schools and young people is also exciting.