Los Angeles Master Chorale | Walt Disney Concert Hall



On February 20, the Los Angeles Master Chorale will highlight the work of our Swan Family Artist-in-Residence, Reena Esmail during Esmail/Martin. Reena took over her artist-in-residence post just as the COVID-19 pandemic took hold, preventing us from properly introducing her to you and the rest of our audience. This upcoming performance is your opportunity to become properly acquainted with Reena’s rich, vibrant choral sound world.  

I have enjoyed a 30-year relationship with the Los Angeles Master Chorale as season subscriber, board member, and board chair. My love of music dates to my time as a Colorado College student, when I sang in the school choir and enjoyed immersing myself in the world of contemporary concert music that I discovered at on-campus concerts. I am fortunate enough to combine my love for great choral performances and belief in the need for novel new works by supporting the Swan Family Artist-in-Residence.  

The multi-year Swan Family Artist-in-Residence began auspiciously in 2017-2018 with Eric Whitacre, and I can think of no one more perfect to follow him than Reena. Reena’s work beautifully combines Western classical music traditions with influences from her Indian heritage in a way that is fresh and inviting. The Chorale’s performance in 2018 of her This Love Between Us was a highlight of the season; our virtual choir performance last year of her bright, energetic TaReKiTa gave us all a welcome respite from the pandemic. The music you will hear on February 20 includes a live performance of TaReKiTa and many more pieces that exemplify Reena’s syncretic style.  

Please join me on February 20 at Walt Disney Concert Hall to welcome Reena as our new Swan Family Artist-in-Residence. I know that you’ll be as enthralled with her music as I was when I first heard her work. Thank you for your support of the Los Angeles Master Chorale; I look forward to seeing you at the concert.  

Phillip A. Swan
Chair, Board of Directors