William L. Dawson

Born: 1899-1990
Nationality: American
at 15 left home to attend the Tuskegee Institute, where he studied piano and composition, and participated in the band and choir; graduated from Horner Institute of Fine Arts, Kansas City; continued his studies at Chicago Musical College and American Conservatory of Music
Notable Compositions:
Negro Folk Symphony, Talk About a Child that Do Love Jesus, King Jesus, Ezekiel Saw the Wheel
played 1st trombone in Chicago Civic Orchestra; served as music director of Ebeneezer Baptist Church; taught music at Kansas Vocational College and Lincoln High School; returned to Tuskegee Institute where he taught and directed the choir until 1956; later toured internationally as a guest conductor, often performing his own arrangements of spirituals
Curious Facts:
in Kansas City, played trombone in local jazz ensembles and on the Redpath Chautauqua Circuit; after moving to Chicago, played bass with Louis and Lillian Armstrong, Johnny Dodds and Earl Hines
REPERTOIRE : Ezekiel Saw de Wheel
A Choral Passport 02/09/1997
REPERTOIRE : Mary Had a Baby
Christmas 12/15/1984
Christmas 12/15/1984
Christmas 12/16/1984
Joy to the World 12/16/1978
Joy to the World 12/16/1978
Joy to the World 12/17/1978
Joy to the World 12/18/1978
The Spirit of Christmas 12/13/1975
The Spirit of Christmas 12/14/1975
Christmas with the Chorale 12/19/1971
Choral Concerts for Young People 02/08/1970
Choral Concerts for Young People 02/08/1969
Choral Concerts for Young People 02/08/1969
Robinson's Beverly Hills 12/08/1985
REPERTOIRE : Soon - Ah Will Be Done
Burl Ives and the Roger Wagner Chorale 04/22/1978
REPERTOIRE : There is a Balm in Gilead
The Bicentennial Concert of American Music 04/24/1976
Americana 05/23/2010
Motion Picture and Television Country Home 12/07/1975
French Hospital 12/11/1975
Children's Hospital 12/11/1975
Martin Luther King Hospital 12/17/1975
North American Congress of the Laity Concert 02/17/1978
REPERTOIRE : Ev'ry Time I Feel the Spirit
2nd Annual High School Choir Festival 03/07/1991
50th Season Celebration 09/22/2013
REPERTOIRE : Ain'-a That Good News
22nd Annual High School Choir Festival 04/15/2011
American Songs & Spirituals 06/02/2013
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