Gregory Geiger

Seasons with Chorale: 16
Previous LAMC solos: Haydn's Harmoniemesse, Bach St. John Passion
Voice Part CHORALE: Bass
Hometown: Hometown is now South Pasadena. Birthplace was in Michigan.
Michigan State University, and The Peabody Conservatory
Where else do you teach/gig/conduct/sing/perform?
I have been singing with LA Opera since 1999; I teach at Pomona College and at my private studio in Pasadena
I've been lucky to have been involved in many recordings, videos, movies, and television.
Highlights of your musical career:
I can still remember my second clarinet lesson (age 3). I learned the single most important thing about music. It's all in my head, I just need an instrument to let someone else hear it.
Favorite choral work(s):
That's a difficult question. I am asked similar questions a lot. I am a "in the moment" singer, so my favorite changes with performances. One choral work I've always liked, but never sung, is the opening chorus to Nixon in China.
A defining moment of favorite LA Master Chorale onstage experience:
The defining moment for me was at age 11. I learned what nervesÂÂ’ can do to a performer. Now, when that memory (and sensation) comes back, I find a way to embrace it and use it to my advantage.
What are you listening to these days?
I listen to everything! I have to be fluent with my students, so I listen to, and sing, Korean/Chinese contemporary Christian, 1940s popular jazz, current rap, and anything that my students want to master. Once in a while I will listen to Chinese Opera just to expand my musical mind.
Online Headshot: bio-geiger-gregory.jpg
Renaissance: Reawakened
Bass, Western Wind Mass Agnus Dei
Today, Tomorrow & Beyond
Bass, Los Cantores de las Montañas
Bach: St. John Passion
Pilate, St. John Passion
Baritone, Midnight Mass for Christmas Eve
29th Annual Messiah Sing-Along
Baritone, Messiah
La Koro Sutro + Chinary Ung
Baritone, Spiral XII: Space Between Heaven and Earth
Baritone, Rejoice in the Lamb
24th Annual Messiah Sing-Along
Baritone, Messiah
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