Don Davis

Born: b. 1957
Nationality: Caucasian
Education/Training: University of California, Los Angeles
Notable Compositions:
Afterimages; Bleeding Particles; Illicit; Felicity; Critical Mass; Rio de Sangre
Assignments: composer of modern music and music for films
Curious Facts: groups who have performed his compositions include Ensemble Intercontemporain, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, The California E.A.R. unit, XTET, the Arditti Quartet, the New Hollywood String Quartet, the Debussy Trio, the Rundfunk Kammer Orchestra of Amsterdam
Notable Recordings:
film scores include The Matrix, The Matrix Reloaded, The Matrix Revolutions
REPERTOIRE : Río de Sangre Suite
Transform 11/06/2005
Walt Disney Concert Hall

WALT Disney

Meet the los angeles master Chorale

Meet the
los angeles
master Chorale