Cliff Eidelman

Born: b. 1964
Nationality: American
Education/Training: began studying violin at 8 and soon took up guitar and piano; later joined a number of bands; pursued jazz guitar at the Guitar Institute of Technology and later graduated from USC with a degree in music composition
Best Known For: film composition
Notable Compositions:
intensely personal score to Triumph of the Spirit and scores for such films as Untamed Heart, Leap of Faith, and One True Thing, as well as epics like Star Trek VI- The Undiscovered Country; recent film scores include music for Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, has pursued other projects aside in addition to film music, notably a symphonic tone poem to Shakespeare's The Tempest
veteran composer of orchestral scores, he made his entry into the world of film compostition at age 22 when director Monica Touber discovered an early symphonic ballet piece Eidleman wrote; comissioned his first score for Magdalene; composed scores for some 29 films and has also been highly active as a conductor
"Cliff Eidelman in the best possible composer for the future: his style is rich in themes and remains orchestral; his ideas stay new and melodic and his attractive style will dazzle people to come." -film composer Jerry Goldsmith
REPERTOIRE : Wedding in the Night Garden
Desire 02/13/2005
World Festival of Sacred Music-Los Angeles 09/26/2002
Desire 02/15/2005
REPERTOIRE : Suite from Triumph of the Spirit
It's a Wrap! 06/07/2003
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