Gaspar Fernandes

Born: 1570-1629
Nationality: Portugese/ Mexican
Best Known For:
an autograph manuscript consisting mainly of the chanzonetas and villancicos that he composed for Puebla Cathedral between 1609 and 1620 is the largest suriving collection of 17th-century music in the New World
Notable Compositions:
Elegit eum Dominas, the earliest known latin secular work by a New World composer
Assignments: choirmaster at Guatemala Cathedral and Puebla Cathedral; early on worked as both a singer and an organist for the Evora Cathedral in 1590
REPERTOIRE : Dame albricia mano Anton (Be joyful, brother Anton!)
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REPERTOIRE : Xicochi xicochi conetzintle
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REPERTOIRE : Eso rigor e reprente (That sudden hardship)
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