Arnold Schoenberg

Born: 1874-1951
Nationality: Austrian
Best Known For: "twelve-tone" or serial system
Notable Compositions:
Transfigured Night, Gurrelieder, Hollywood String Quartet et al., Pierrot lunaire, Schafer, Ensemble Intercontemporian, Piano Concerto
REPERTOIRE : Gurrelieder
LA Phil: Schoenberg 02/06/2005
LA Phil: Schoenberg's Gurrelieder 02/23/1990
LA Phil: Schoenberg 02/02/2005
LA Phil: Schoenberg 02/03/2005
LA Phil: Shoenberg 02/05/2005
LA Phil: Schoenberg Gurrelieder 04/14/1977
LA Phil: Schoenberg Gurrelieder 04/15/1977
LA Phil: Schoenberg Gurrelieder 04/17/1977
REPERTOIRE : Verklärte Nacht (Transfigured Night) 0p. 4
LA Phil: Mahler Das Klagende Lied 03/22/2002
LA Phil: Mahler Das Klagende Lied 03/23/2002
LA Phil: Mahler Das Klagende Lied 03/24/2002
REPERTOIRE : A Survivor from Warsaw Op. 46
LA Phil: Schoenberg & Beethoven 10/06/2000
LA Phil: Schoenberg & Beethoven 10/07/2000
LA Phil: Schoenberg & Beethoven 10/08/2000
LA Phil: Schoenberg 11/07/1968
LA Phil: Schoenberg 11/08/1968
REPERTOIRE : Es gingen zwei Gerpielen gut (Two Playmates Walker Across a Field)
A Choral Passport 02/09/1997
REPERTOIRE : Friede auf Erden
For Voices Only 03/07/1993
Point Loma Nazarene College Cultural Event 03/12/1993
Great Sounds of the Chorus 01/23/1988
A Cappella Concert 01/29/1977
Contemporary Music Concert 02/24/1968
Madrigal Magic 03/11/2000
An Evening With Robert Shaw 03/06/1966
Choral Concerts for Young People 02/24/1968
LA Phil: Beethoven 9th 10/30/1969
LA Phil: Beethoven 9th 10/31/1969
REPERTOIRE : Dreimal Tausend Jahre (God's Return)
Great Sounds of the Chorus 01/23/1988
REPERTOIRE : De Profundis Op. 50
Made in LA 04/14/2000
LA Phil: Verdi Requiem 10/24/1974
LA Phil: Verdi Requiem 10/25/1974
LA Phil: Verdi Requiem 10/27/1974
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