Thomas Jennefelt

Born: b. 1954
Nationality: Huddinge, Sweden
Education/Training: studied composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm with Gunnar Bucht and Arne Mellnäs
Notable Compositions:
choral works: Warning to the Rich, O Domine, Villarosa Sequences, Dichterliebe (I-X); instrumental music: Music by a mountain; operas: Albert och Julia, The Jesters’ Hamlet, The Vessel, Sport & Leisure
Curious Facts: Commissions: from a number of Swedish choirs as well as Vokalconsort Berlin, Bayerische Rundfunkchor, The Swingle Singers, Kammerchor Saarbrücken, Ex Cathedra in Birmingham, Microkosmos (Vierzon) and Musikhochschule Basel
Quotes: “The problem with writing vocal music is that the text forms the piece so much. It is harder to find new musical forms when you have to say something with semantic meaning. Nowadays, with knowledge of that problem, I try to be somewhere between text and music." – Thomas Jennefelt
REPERTOIRE : Music for a big church; for tranquility
Lux Aeterna 10/16/2011
Walt Disney Concert Hall

WALT Disney

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