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DOROTHY McGUIRE. At 13, Dorothy McGuire played J. M. Barrie's adorable Cinderella. It was Henry Fonda, fresh from his Broadway triumph, who bestowed the kiss. The place: the Omaha Community Playhouse. From then on her course was determined. From Omaha she went to Broadway via public schools, a convent, and Pine Manor Junior College. Armed with a complete conviction that she was an actress, and with good fortune, readings and interviews came easily. In 1938, she inherited the choice role of Emily in Our Town. She played it in New York and toured the country. Then followed another tour across the country playing with John Barrymore. Her very own hit came in Rose Franken's Claudia. She starred in the original production on Broadway for over a year. After a national tour she entered motion pictures under the aegis of David O. Selznick and 20th Century-Fox. Some of her memorable pictures are: Claudia, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, Spiral Staircase, Enchanted Cottage, Gentleman's Agreement, Three Coins in the Fountain, The Dark at the Top of the Stairs, Friendly Persuasion, A Summer Place, Swiss Family Robinson, The Greatest Story Ever Told, and so on. In 1954, she played a dramatized version of Honegger's Jeanne d'Arc au Bucher with the San Francisco Opera Company, performing both in San Francisco and Los Angeles. She later repeated this work with the Utah Symphony Orchestra in Salt Lake City. She has returned to New York twice to star in Anouilh's Legend for Lovers and Sherwood Anderson's Winesburg, Ohio. Dorothy McGuire is married to photographer John Swope. They have two children: actress Topo Swope and student Mark Swope.
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