Carl Orff

Born: 1895-1982
Nationality: German
Education/Training: studied cello and piano as a young boy, 1914, graduated from the Munich Academy of Music, 1919, studied composition with Heinrich Kaminski in Munich
Best Known For:
wildly popular Carmina Burana, though his compositions in other styles and genres are equally masterful; also similarly esteemed asa remarkable visionary in the field of music education; designed a wide range of "Orff instruments" which allowed children with no musical training to perform music; many of his pioneering methods are still in practice today
Notable Compositions: Lieder for tenor and piano, 1911; Carmina Burana, 1935-36; Der Mond, opera, 1936-38; Antigonae, opera, 1941-49; Orff-Schulwerk: Musik fr Kinder; De temporum fine comoedia, 1962-72
Assignments: 1914, appointed Kappellmeister of the Munchenkammerspiele, 1918-1919, worked as a conductor in Mannheim and Darmstadt, 1924, founded the Guntherschule for Music and Dance, 1930-33, conductor of the Munich Bach Society
"With Carmina Burana, my collected works begin." -Carl Orff; "Melody and speech belong together. I reject the idea of a pure music." -Carl Orff
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