Danny Elfman

Born: b. 1953
Nationality: American
Best Known For: remarkable rock musician seamlessly making the transition into orchestral film scoring
Notable Compositions:
Midnight Run, 1988; Batman, 1989; Edward Scissorhands, 1990; Batman Returns, 1992; Sommersby, 1993; Dolores Claiborne and Black Beauty, 1994; Mission: Impossible, 1996; Men in Black, 1997; Good Will Hunting, 1997; Proof of Life, 2000; Spiderman, 2002, The Nightmare Before Christmas
Curious Facts:
wrote the theme to The Simpsons
REPERTOIRE : Main Title/Ice Dance
It's a Wrap! 06/07/2003
Walt Disney Concert Hall

WALT Disney

Meet the los angeles master Chorale

Meet the
los angeles
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